Business sustainability

I work with companies to build and communicate sustainability strategies, and with both businesses and civil sector organisations to build multi-sector partnerships.  Some key projects include:

  • Pages-from-IFRC--InternatioInternational Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) — Global First Aid: The IFRC established its Global First Aid Resource Centre (GFARC), in Paris, in 2013, from what had been the European Reference Centre for First Aid Education. With its new global mission, GFARC required new resources and an expanded, global network of support. I worked with the teams in Paris and Geneva to create a strategy for building partnerships — within the Red Cross/Red Crescent system, with governments and with corporate partners — to help expand first aid skills around the world.
  • KO-RC headingThe Coca-Cola Company & the Red Cross Red Crescent: Helped to establish and served as executive director for three-year  global partnership (2011-14) between The Coca-Cola Company and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, DPG cover1aimed at scaling up the partners’ collaboration in countries around the world to help communities hit by disaster. Authored a first-ever joint disaster response guide for local Coca-Cola and Red Cross/Crescent teams around the world, laying out basic steps they can take to build humanitarian collaboration and enhance the speed and effectiveness of their joint disaster response.
  • WTTC coverSustainable Travel & Tourism. I helped the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) to articulate the industry’s contribution to a sustainable future. WTTC is the forum for business leaders in the Travel & Tourism industry; its membership includes the Chief Executives of 100 of the world’s leading Travel & Tourism companies.  The report ‘Corporate Social Leadership in Travel & Tourism’ — the WTTC’s first publication on this subject — argues that the industry, as one of the world’s largest sources of economic activity and one that plays a central role in global interconnectedness, has a vital opportunity to help address the world’s sustainability challenges. Additionally, I helped  Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, an early leader in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, to create a Sustainable Tourism coalition of travel and tourism companies, expanding the remit and membership of its International Hotel Environment Initiative.
  • 75The Coca-Cola Company Corporate Social Responsibility:  In 2001, I conducted the company’s first-ever in-depth survey and analysis of corporate social responsibility activities, across Europe, benchmarking against current industry practice and introducing latest concepts of and standards for corporate social responsibility. The study became a model for the company internationally.  In 2004-2005 I conducted similar studies for the Coca-Cola business in the Middle East and  across Coca-Cola operations in Africa.  The latter was expanded to include research on consumer expectations as well as industry benchmarking, and provided the basis for re-focusing Coca-Cola social responsibility strategies on the continent.
  • Coca-Cola CSR and Environmental Reports: Prepared the 2004 global Environment Report and co-authored the 2004 Citizenship Report, the company’s first integrated non-financial report, assessing workplace, marketplace, environment and community practices against external (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.
  • Economic impact studies: I liaised with leading U.S. university on a ground-breaking study documenting the economic impact of the Coca-Cola business on the emerging economies of central & eastern Europe. The study was cited by the World Bank and the United Nations as a model for understanding role of business in development, and it became model for similar studies in other parts of the world.

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